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Executive Chef

  • Responsible in providing an efficient and cost effective food service in the establishment.
  • Responsible in conducting daily departmental briefings and attends weekly meetings to ensure optimum communications of daily operations, management’s decisions, refresher training and policy information
  • Develops and updates departmental policies, systems, procedures and standards from time to time
  • Plans and prepares staff shift schedules, shift rotations and duties. Organizes manpower for extra hands during exigencies
  • Responsible for departmental assets, functionality of tools and equipment. Coordinates with respective departments for preventive maintenance and repairs; recommends improvisation and specifications of requirements for procurement
  • Ensures the maintenance and aesthetic upkeep of the Kitchen Outlets, Commissary& Kitchen Storage Areas. Ensures the area is hazard free
  • Monitors Banquet Event Orders for events, functions and meetings issued by the Sales Office. Disseminates the Event Orders to respective outlets and ensures information and arrangements as detailed in the Banquet Event Orders. Organizes necessary manpower to meet the requirements
  • Monitors inventories of Production Service equipment ensuring corresponding charges on damages and losses and timely replenishment of inventories maintaining par level
  • Monitors daily consumption and conduction of daily outlet stock taking of Food & Kitchen Supplies in the Kitchen Outlets, Commissary and Kitchen Storage Areas ensuring stocks are requested and replenished on timely basis
  • Ensures that all areas under control satisfy the most stringent hygiene requirements and that staff that are ill or injured receive the correct treatment or are not allowed to work
  • Ensures that all menus are constantly updated, paying attention to seasonal availability
  • Ensures that all menus are calculated correctly to obtain  maximum gross profit
  • Ensures that all stocks are ordered to the correct quantities, quality and price
  • Diploma in Culinary, Bachelors/Associate Degree in HRM or related professional area
  • 5 years as Executive Chef in a Hotel/Resort
  • 5 years of fine dining culinary management
  • Solid track record of developing and implementing menu and cost control measures
  • Possess a solid background of training both culinary and service personnel, while delivering a quality consistent product
  • Sanitation Certificate
  • Place of assignment: Cebu

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